Durante el año 2019 la Federación de Cricket de Costa Rica a través de gestor deportivo Jonathan Pérez realizó varias giras de masificación por el país.

Estuvo presente el 22 de noviembre en el Liceo deportivo de Grecia llevando capacitación a los educadores físicos y estudiantes; luego el 27 de noviembre realizó una visita a La Suiza de Turrialba donde decenas de niños y niñas conocieron lo que es la disciplina del cricket.

Hubo visitas en la zona Metropolitana como Escazú y Santo Domingo en centros educativos y con el comité cantonal de deportes de las respectivas localidades. También se hizo una capacitación en la zona de Guanacaste, específicamente en Hojancha el 6 de diciembre de 2019.


The New Year for Costa Rica Cricket started with the motivation to improve the playing standards and win the 6th Central American championship to be held in Belize where it originally started 11 years ago.

On the development side, FEDECRIC was ready to get into the education institutions and introduce Cricket to the PE teachers in 8 different regions in Costa Rica.

Boost up the Standford Barton cup to the next level by getting more schools involved and have local tournaments in each region before they can participate in the finals.

More Women’s Cricket Activity


FEDECRIC didn’t wait long to start with the development program. The summer camp for schools started on the 8th of January till the 26th and about 10 students participated. This camp was initiated by the national sports authority and FEDECRIC was one of the 45 federations that conducted the summer camp.

Summer camp through ICODER


The senior men’s league kicked off on the 5th of February with CR Asians taking on Corsairs. Corsairs failed to defend the 136 they scored and for CR Asians it was an easy win.

The following week the Corsairs lost again to CCCCR. The scores were CCCCR 121 in 25 overs and Corsairs 68.

Another major highlight of the month was Claire Connor who came to Costa Rica along with a group of Cricket enthusiasts from Australia who calls themselves the Cross Continental Madness Cricket Club (CCMCC) led by Liam Breedveld. Claire was the English Women’s team captain from 1996 till 2006 who also won the 2005 Ashes. Costa Rica’s national Cricket team played the CCMCC and were able to comfortably beat them. The scores were Costa Rica 127/8 and CCMCC – 94 all out. Claire Connor presented the FEDECRIC President with a development kit to support women’s Cricket in Costa Rica.

Subsequently, FEDECRIC had another group of guests from the Sarasota International Cricket Club (SICC) from Florida who visited Costa Rica for a 2 day game during the last weekend of February. SICC gets visited frequently by the West Indies players and they also have some fine players, one of them used to play for Sussex. Costa Rica had different teams encouraging players to participate. CR was able to beat the SICC both days even though the scores were challenging.

Scores: Day 1 – SICC 222 in 40 overs, CR – 223 in 34 overs / Day 2 – CR- 247 in 35 overs, SICC – 214 in 35 overs

Costa Rica vs CCMCC

Costa Rica Vs SICC


The 6th Central American Championship (6CAC) was the main focus for Costa Rica Cricket scheduled to begin on the 21st of March in Belize. Costa Rica had their all-time best team prepared for this championship. Infosys Costa Rica and Naans and Curries co-sponsored the Costa Rican National team. 10 teams participated and the team from MCC was one of them who won the 6CAC.

Costa Rica has always been the underdog in these tournaments especially when the neighbors Panama, Belize and Mexico participate. But this time Costa Rica performed extremely well compared to the previous CACs and made it to the 5th place beating Mexico for the first time in history. MCC, Panama, Belize and Central American All Stars comprising mostly of Belizean players, were above Costa Rica on the top list.

FEDECRIC had 3 different 5 day workshops in different regions Sarapiqui, Desamparados and Alajuelita respectively in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Education for PE teachers and 40 teachers participated in each of these 40 hour workshop which consisted of Introduction and basic playing regulations of Cricket.

FEDECRIC also took part on the national sports day on which 22 teachers to whom Cricket was introduced participated along with some from the national Cricket team. They were showing their interest and support to the sport.

Costa Rica at the 6CAC


The rain came down early this year and the Cricket season slows down when it rains in Costa Rica. However, there was an exhibition match in Puntarenas where a team from San Jose travelled to Puntarenas (2 hour drive) and played against the Puntarenas team under the captaincy or William Hernandez the former education assessor for the Puntarenas region. It was a jolly good game where a few women participated and cheered for the Puntarenas team even though they were losing due to lack of technical skills and experience.

Puntarenas scored 35 runs in 10 overs which seemed to be an easy target for San Jose team who were able to beat the total in 4 overs. They then played another friendly game mixing the players which was later stopped by the rain.

Another 5 day Cricket workshop took place in San Ramon, Alajuela where Roney Castro introduced Cricket to 40 PE teachers.

5 day Cricket workshops at different regions


5 day Introduction workshops were carried out in Grecia, Alajuela again with the PE teachers of the region.

Fedecric moved their focus to private schools after receiving requests to introduce Cricket in private schools also. Daniel Mejias one of the development officers and Lenny Carter a Cricket enthusiast who recently moved to Costa Rica from South Africa assisted in giving an introduction course to teachers from private schools in Pavas, San Jose and Santa Domingo in Heredia.

The Asociacion de Cricket Femenino (ACF) aka Women’s Cricket association got into action to celebrate a Cricket festival in the Limon province at valle la Estrella. The ACF board meeting took place followed by a mini workshop conducted by Sam Arthur and an indoor seven a side game to end the festival.

Women’s Cricket Association


FEDECRIC took Cricket development to the next level by targeting the visually challenged. With the help of Pamela Contreras and Sofia Bolaños from the ACF about 25 visually challenged students were introduced to Cricket. They had special rattling balls and simple rules for convenience. This was a more like a test and it was successful.

Another 5 day workshop took place in Liberia, Guanacaste and another 40 PE teachers were introduced to Cricket who will be teaching the sport to their students in their respective schools.

Camp Abilities with the visually challenged


In August we had a Mini workshop at the Universidad Autónoma de Centro América (UACA) and around 14 students participated.

A 5 day Introduction to Cricket Workshop in Sula, Limon province took place where about 40 PE teachers participated.

The 3rd Annual General Meeting for the Asociacion de Cricket Femenino took place followed by an exhibition game.


We had another 5 day introduction to Cricket workshop in Upala, Alajuela where 40 teachers participated. And later that month the Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago visited the escuela Trinidad and delivered practice kit for Cricket development. FEDECRIC thanks the embassy and the Ambassador for their support and contribution.


As October began, the junior Standford Barton league kicked in. We had around 25 teams participating in the national U19/U13 league in different regions. The winners of each region would come to San Jose to compete in the play-offs in November.

Another 5 day MEP workshop took place in Cartago with around 35 participants were given a course in Introduction to Cricket.


Asociacion de Cricket Femenino had the long awaited Cahuita Cricket festival. About 40 people participated from different places.

The Standford Barton play-offs took place on the 15th (U13) and 16th (U19) of November. Bananito Sur from the Limon Province won the title for the U13 girls and Escuela INVU Los Cañas won the runner up.

In the U13 boys’ category, Villa del Mar from Limon won the title and Escuela INVU Los Cañas won the runner up.

In the U19 Category that took place on the 16th, Liceo Maryland won both the Men and the women’s title and Liceo Turrucares won the runner up for the U19 Men’s category and Liceo Barro del Colarado won the runner up for the U19 Women’s category.

At the end it was a very exciting tournament and everyone present enjoyed.

Costa Rica Cricket conducted an introduction to umpiring and scoring for 10 participants.

The first senior men’s league was played and Team Corsairs won the first match against CCCCR.

The 9th Annual General meeting for the Costa Rica Cricket Federation also took place in November.


The league match continued with CRACA beating CCCCR and on the second game CRACA beat Corsairs. The U19 improvement camp took place at the Tennis Club where a group of 14 young players were coached. They will be participating in the international U19 championship the following year.

There is more to come in the following year with visiting teams like Bermuda Masters, Aruba and Chilomberu.

More league games for senior men and women

More youth program

International tour

SAM O. ARTHUR, President, Costa Rica Cricket Federation (FEDECRIC), January 18, 2018